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Top 4 Things to Put in Your Sassy Home

You want a fancy home everybody likes. You want a shelter you feel comfortable and safe in. You want a home that is a reflection of yourself and you want all of this now. But as you know just like you cannot buy love and friendship, commitment and devotion, you cannot buy a home, you can only build it. The house you have is the basis, but no matter if it is furnished or not and how classy all the things in here are, you need to bring your soul into your home and make it shine with your sparkle. This means that you indeed need to bring those five things at your house. Start with:


These are the things that would cheer you up in a gloomy day. bathtub-1078865_960_720They are not expensive. They have no brand and absolutely no value for anybody but you. They have to be from every moment that you so much love. They have to be from those times that now bring warmth and joy to your heart. That ugly photo of you and your friends from high school at the prom, the many journeys you took through the years, the wedding day, the day you felt randomly happy on a walk in the park. All these deserve some space on your hall of fame.


As they say, it doesn’t have to make you comfortable and you don’t have to understand it. It is something from another dimension that has to disturb you somehow, but to calm you in a way, too. If you want to have fancy house, this works perfectly well. But remember that buying art for the sake of having art in your home is pointless. Art deserves appreciation and you deserve completeness in your home.

Something Old

Going back to the odd “what I need for a wedding” tradition, you cannot skip the something old part. The truth is that the older things insetad of losing value, have greater one. This writing machine your grandfather used to write letters to your grandmother, is a masterpiece and part of your family history. It is something you not only want to have, but you want to arrange it nicely at your home. It brings meaning. It makes you

certain. It inspires and impresses. So instead of throwing such things away or storing them in boxes, sort them out and revive them as well as your house.


They all tell you that you need to be rational and you need to be practical. Everything you have at home needs to be there for a reason, but does it? You don’t need devices and appliances only. You need little bits and pieces that are just yours, just charming and just full of history. For someone it may look like a random mug, but for you it may be the first thing you have ever bought for your first own apartment after college. And this is indeed worth keeping.

Win the Rental Battle with Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

When you were considering your housing options in London years ago, you instantly thought of renting. It seemed super easy and it also brought you the flexibility you were seeking. You were not ready to buy a house, as you certainly were not in this stage of life whether you were about to mortgage, but to be honest, you would not have bought it, even if you had the chance. You wanted to explore and to frequently change places. But you wanted to live in the city center, as well, where exciting things happened. syk-logoSo pretty logically you jumped in and met your real estate agent. You thought you were done. He was supposed to find you a home, you were supposed to go and live there, and that’s it. In life, however, nothing is that easy. First of all, you needed to go on long and exhausting housing tours, where you felt like all the choices you had were either too rubbish, or too expensive. Later, when you finally somehow found the place, you needed to meet the landlord, to sign papers, to move your stuff, and live happily ever after. And in fact, you did. Ever since you found this house, everything was pink and shiny, but it was all until today. Today you are planning your move out and you have just realized that you need to clean the entire house and bring the accommodation back in perfect condition before the inspection. And the reality is no more something you enjoy. This rental battle seems to last forever and you need to finally end it. Of course, this would happen with the help of your savers, the professional end of tenancy cleaners.

Never Leave It for the Last Second

The last moment could be inspiring and indeed could make you more prolific. But when it is about a serious cleaning like this, which requires time, proper preparation and a sufficient amount of effort, you would not like the stress of the last second. So start earlier. Plan the move out and schedule the inspection. After you are aware of when the landlord or the letting agency’s representative is coming, find the best cleaning team in London, call its manager and arrange an appointment. But make sure that this will happen early enough, as the experts are almost always super busy.

Quality, Price, Worthiness?

Ok, you obviously need to hire a cleaning team that could perfect your home in a minimal amount of time, but still you don’t fancy the idea of spending your whole salary or even several on cleaning service. So you cannot help but ask yourself, what is the reasonable amount of money I need to give for an end of tenancy cleaning? Well, you need to make a research first so as to get clearer notion on how prices are going. You need to look for the quality. Search cleaning teams that would promise you sure inspection pass and don’t give too damn much.